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Harvest Season and Ag Initiatives in South Dakota
South Dakota Ag Connection - 09/20/2023

The much-awaited harvest season has kicked off in South Dakota, with many farmers gearing up earlier than usual. Reports suggest that, compared to typical years, the current season is ahead of its schedule due to weather patterns witnessed in August.

Simultaneously, young agricultural enthusiasts are not only busy with their school activities but also actively participating in various farming challenges. One such youth shared their journey, which began with an FFA meeting on September 17.

Before this gathering, the group swiftly completed a community service project as a testament to their belief in giving back to their supporting community.

As first reported on Ag Update, a young ag enthusiast named Avery Zeisler, is participating in two challenges: the South Dakota Soybean Yield and Quality contest and the South Dakota Cattlemen's Fed Cattle Challenge. The soybean contest involves quality testing and documentation, while the Cattle Challenge is a returning experience.

The Zeisler expressed excitement to learn more about the cattle industry and the knowledge gained from the previous year.

Apart from these challenges, amidst the hustle of academics and sports, the student managed to squeeze in time for cattle work. They successfully moved herds to fresh pastures and attended to the necessary farming tasks.

The combined tales of an early harvest and the next generation's agricultural pursuits highlight South Dakota's ever-evolving farming narrative.

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