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Enhancing Agricultural Education in South Dakota's Urban School Districts
South Dakota Ag Connection - 06/09/2023

The Sioux Falls School District, in collaboration with the CHS Foundation, aims to bridge the knowledge gap about agriculture in South Dakota's largest urban school district. With a $10,000 grant, ag instructor Andrew Jensen is spearheading the district's new agricultural program. Students from the four high schools will have access to a range of ag classes, including natural resources, small animal science, and agricultural leadership, through the Career and Technical Education Academy. Additionally, the district is launching an FFA program to further enhance students' agricultural education.

Recognizing the importance of nurturing future agricultural leaders, the CHS Foundation awarded grants to 15 teachers during the 2022 CHS Annual Meeting. As part of its 75th-anniversary celebrations, the foundation granted a total of $75,000 to support ag education programs in schools. The grants aim to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute to feeding a growing world population.

Jensen's grant proposal, titled "Cultivating Our Future," encompasses various aspects of the ag program. In addition to curriculum development and material assistance, the funding will be utilized to acquire a movable high-tunnel structure and related equipment. This infrastructure will enable the ag program to extend the growing season, cultivate plants, and provide hands-on experiences in horticulture and plant science to numerous students.

The grant funds will facilitate the purchase of a farrowing pen, rabbit hutches, wireless cameras, and other equipment necessary for animal husbandry. By engaging in practical activities within small and large animal science classes, students will gain insights into potential careers in veterinary sciences, food production, and related fields.

Through these endeavors, the Sioux Falls School District is striving to cultivate a future generation equipped with agricultural knowledge, skills, and a deeper appreciation for the industry's significance.

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