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All South Dakota Small Grain Production Up from 2021
South Dakota Ag Connection - 10/03/2022

Other spring wheat production for 2022 is estimated at 33.6 million bushels, up 100% from last year, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. The 2022 area harvested for grain, at 700,000 acres, is up 21% from 2021. Producers planted 730,000 acres, up 1% from 2021. Yield, at 48.0 bushels per acre, is up 19.0 bushels from 2021.

Winter wheat production is estimated at 38.0 million bushels, up 41% from last year. The area harvested for grain totaled 730,000 acres, up 3% from 2021. Planted acreage totaled 830,000 acres, up 4% from a year earlier. The yield is 52.0 bushels per acre, up 14.0 bushels from 2021.

Barley production is estimated at 324,000 bushels, up 16% from 2021. Record low area harvested for grain, at 6,000 acres, is down 57% from last year. Planted acreage totaled 28,000 acres, down 7% from 2021. Average yield is 54.0 bushels per acre, up 34.0 bushels from last year.

Oat production is estimated at 6.00 million bushels, up 60% from 2021. Area harvested for grain, at 75,000 acres, is up 34% from last year. Planted acreage totaled 260,000 acres, up 21% from a year earlier. Yield, at 80.0 bushels per acre, is up 13.0 bushels per acre from last year.

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