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Trump Administration Rolls Back WOTUS Rules
USAgNet - 01/24/2020

The Trump administration is scrapping protections for America's streams and wetlands, repealing Barack Obama's Waters of the United States regulation. The move will dismantle federal protections for more than half of wetlands and hundreds of small waterways in the U.S.

The White House says the change will be a victory for American farmers. But critics say the change will be destructive - part of Mr Trump's wider assault on environmental protections.

Under the new regulations, landowners and property developers will be able to pour pesticides, fertilisers and other pollutants directly into millions of miles of the nation's waterways for the first time in decades, reports the BBC News.

The administration's new rules replace the Waters of the United States regulations put in place during the Obama administration.

The president has angered environmental activists and conservationists since he took office by siding with the agriculture and mining industries in rolling back environmental protections. Speaking at the American Farm Bureau Federation's annual convention in Texas on Sunday, the president called the existing waterways rules "disastrous".

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